W (Channel Service 2) retired

Due to lack of interest on our users part, and Developer: W (Channel Service 2) is now retired.

There was not a whole lot of interest in W from our users (it had 0 channels registered to it, other than the test channels it was in during it’s beta debut) and then a lack of interest on siniStar’s part for maintaining it, W (Channel Service 2) providing GNUworld-like emulation to users, has been retired and removed from the network.

It was a neat idea, however required a lot more work and dedication to bring it up to a lot of standards.  It also could not interlink with Xtheme IRC Services, thus lacking the ability to not require users to login to it as well as NickServ, nor could it provide “authentication” through modes requiring Services Identification/authenication. (e.g.  If a channel has +R set, to join a user would have to IDENTIFY to NickServ still, in order to join.  Logging into W is not enough.)

Since there were no user channels registered to W at the time that it was decided to discontinue the service, no channels were really affected.  W’s nickname has been restored as a BotServ bot, for any channels that might fancy the nickname again.

This was a fun trial, but also why we launch new services in a “beta” state instead of full-integration before thoroughly investigating the usage and any possible arising issues or shortcomings.

NickServ, ChanServ, MemoServ, and the other *Serv services remain IRC4Fun’s primary Services base.

Thank you, as always, for being a loyal IRC4Fun user!

New DNS Blacklists: Update

New DNS Blacklists: Update

We’re happy to announce that we’ve found a solution that allows us to continue utilizing our new DNS Blacklists that were added as a means to protect our network, users and channels from the recent waves of spambots and floodbots.

We’ve fixed an issue where some users of various channels were reporting a high number of banned (Z:lined) users that were unable to figure out why they were banned.  The solution will allow these users to continue to use IRC4Fun as they previously did while also protecting the rest of the IRC4Fun network, it’s channels and users from malicious, abusive or annoying activity.

Happy Chatting!  (and thank you for your continued loyalty to IRC4Fun!)