Link a Server

Linking Guidelines

Are you interested in linking a server to IRC4Fun? Read more below about how to do so, and the guidelines/requirements for doing so.

Please note that we have no interest in being ‘absorbed’ into some larger/smaller network.  Do not come to us with demands for linking your server or “donating” your server.  You are requesting to be part of OUR networkwe are not seeking you out.

  • Must be willing to use IRC4Fun Name, Services & Security servers (You must understand that IRC4Fun will not re-brand or change our name)
  • Should have an average user count of at least five users
  • Must be running ChatIRCd (or willing to change to ChatIRCd)
  • Each IRC Operator (server-staff) must be approved via an IRC4Fun Administrators vote. No staff or opers can be added without prior approval from IRC4Fun Admins.
  • Windows-based Servers will NOT be approved;
  • Servers hosted on a “home” network / connection will be refused.
  • IRC4Fun Servers may not run any type of spy modules, devices, or functions that will spy on users’ private and/or channel messages. Such activity is un-ethical, illegal in some countries, and will NEVER be tolerated on IRC4Fun.
  • Must adopt and enforce the IRC4Fun Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)
  • Server Administrator and IRC Server Staff must adopt and abide by the IRC4Fun Acceptable Operating Policy (AOP)
  • Server Administrator and IRC Server Staff must also agree to abide by the IRC4Fun Privacy Policy
Ready to Apply for a Trial-Link? Simply fill out the below Application
  • * Please Note: You should connect to IRC4Fun and get familiar with the network for a reasonable amount of time before applying.  We do not link with unexperienced admins,strangers, power-hungry individuals. *

* Successful applicants will be granted a thirty day (30) trial link period.
** During the trial link period, the Oper Staff will be unable to /OPER up Globally.

(All opers should be given LocalO:lines during the trial link period. Anyone /OPER‘ing up with a Global O:line on a trial-linked server will be Killed automatically, and may result in the trial linked server being juped/delinked.)

On the twentieth (20th day) of the trial link period, the Server will be added to the Round Robin for traffic verification, and the Server’s Operators may begin /OPER‘ing Globally.  During the last ten (10) days of the trial link period, traffic and stability will be monitored.  If the server remains Stable while handling a portion of the networks load at the end of the ten (10) days of the trial link, a permanent link will be offered.

Upon being offered a Permanent Link, the Server’s Administrator and two (2) Global Operators will be given an official IRC4Fun email address and will be added to the IRC4Fun Staff Mailing Lists.