New Users

 Introduction to IRC

IRC stands for “Internet Relay Chat”. In a nutshell, it’s a chat server with a ton of chat rooms. (On IRC, we call rooms channels)  You connect, you pick a name, you talk to people. There are lots of IRC clients and servers out there; we’re just about to get to those below.

 How to connect

You can connect using the Kiwi IRC WebChat KiwiIRC webchat client or by directing your client to (port: 6667) –or– for SSL to (port: 6697)

 Commonly used commands on IRC

Finding a Room (Channels)

To get a list of current created chat channels, you would type /list (e.g. /list )

Joining a Room (Channel)

To enter or join a chat channel, you would type /join #ChannelName  (e.g. /join #Chat )

Leaving a Room (Channel)

Similarly, to exit or leave a chat channel, you would either click the x in the channel window or type /part #ChannelName (e.g. /part #Chat )

To Change your Nickname

You can change your nickname by typing /nick MyNewNickname  (e.g. /nick CyberDude will change your nickname from whatever it was, to CyberDude)

Chatting in Private Message

You can communicate in Private Message by typing /msg Nickname Message or right-clicking the user’s nickname in the channel window and selecting either “Query”, “Msg” or “Private Message” depending on the IRC client you are using. (Be sure to ask permission to Private Message before doing so, otherwise a lot of users find this rude or may ignore it)

 Interacting on IRC

General Safety & Information

Like any Online (Internet) community or site; you should use discretion in giving out any of your personal information. IRC4Fun does not screen or background check users, and makes no guarantees about their or your safety. IRC4Fun Staff will tell you that you should NEVER give out any of your personal information including but not limited to: phone number, address, credit or banking information, etc. unless you really trust and know that user.


First off, treat others while chatting as you would want to be treated. IRC is supposed to be fun! Also, when chatting with users; avoid talking IN ALL CAPS LIKE THIS. Using all caps on IRC is widely regarded as yelling, and will cause defensiveness almost instantly just as if you were yelling at someone in real life. You will also want to try not to repeat yourself too often. (If a chat channel is rather quiet, wait for a response to whatever you said as opposed to constantly repeating it.) Never talk insanely fast (1 or more words per line, and 4-5 or more lines per second) as it is regarded as “flooding” and will cause you to be almost always either get banned from the channel, server, or even cause the server to disconnect you with a message of “Excess flood”.

 Channel Users & Channel Operators

Once you join a channel, you will notice a list of Channel users.  You may notice some with ~&@, %, and + symbols prefixing their nickname.

  • ~User (+y) indicates they are a Channel Owner.  Channel Owners can set virtually any and all modes – and can create new channel administrators and operators.
  • &User (+a) indicates they are a Channel Administrator.  Channel Administrators can set and control a lot of aspects of channels – and can create new channel operators.
  • @User (+o) indicates they are a Channel OperatorChannel Operators as well as Founders and Super Operators can change channel modes, kick and ban users as well as add or create new Operators.
  • %User (+h) indicates they are a Half-Operator.  Half-Operators are able to perform certain helpful functions to aid in moderating the channel without being a full channel Operator.
  • +Users (+v) are users that have been given “voice” status so that they may speak if the channel operators set moderation (mode +m) as well as the Channel Operators and above.

Users with no prefix are Channel Users with no special modes or “powers”.  These modes can be given or taken away by using the following syntaxes: /mode #MyChannel +o Nickname  (to give Nickname Channel Operator status) -OR-  /mode #MyChannel -o Nickname (to take away Nickname’s Channel Operator status)

 Network Services

  • ChanServ /CS COMMANDS (Channel Service) Register and maintain your channels access lists/flags, bans/akicks (timed or permanent), settings and more!
  • ChanFix /MSG ChanFix COMMANDS (Channel Fix) Un-registered Channel Fix Service providing ops and helping avoid takeovers.
  • NickServ /NS COMMANDS (Nickname Service) Register & Group your nicknames and IDENTIFY to Services, manage settings and more.
  • BotServ /MSG BotServ COMMANDS (Bot Service) See a list of custom bots that can be assigned to your channel as an alternative to ChanServ.
  • MemoServ /MS COMMANDS (Memo Service) Send/Forward/Read Memos to and from online & offline IRC4Fun users.
  • GroupServ /MSG GroupServ COMMANDS (Group Service) Group Management service
  • ALIS (Advanced /LIST Service) /MSG ALIS HELP LIST  Advanced /LIST Search service bot.

You can get additional information or help from each service, using the HELP command. Example: /msg ChanServ HELP or /CS HELP or visit the Services Guide.

 Registering your nickname

The first thing you’ll probably want to do once you’re connected, is register your nickname with NickServ so that others cannot use it. To register your nickname, type:
/NS REGISTER DesiredPassword Valid@Email.Address Replace with your password and with an e-mail address which you have ready access to.
NOTE: You MUST use a valid e-mail address that you can access. If you use a bogus e-mail address you will not be able to complete the registration process. 

 While we do not disqualify the use of free email services; if we find that a certain free email provider is being used to abuse our policies; we will permanently disqualify that email provider from being used with Services and drop the linked accounts. 
Within a few minutes you should receive a message sent to the e-mail address you gave, in it will be a verification key. To complete the registration process, type:
/NS VERIFY REGISTER YourNickname VerifyKey Replace with the VERIFY key given in the message you just received or visit the Services Web Interface, click the NickServ console and then the Verify link.

*Once you register your Nickname, you will need to IDENTIFY with NickServ each time you disconnect and come back online.  For automated methods of IDENTIFYing to NickServ: please see the FAQ.

 Why do you require a valid e-mail address?

In order to prevent automated registrations, we require a valid e-mail address for all registration requests. Automated registrations are usually carried out by bots in order to circumvent the channel & user modes +r  (only registered users may JOIN or msg +r users) and +q $~a (only registered users may talk in channel).
We realize that this may be uncomfortable for some people, however we will NEVER, EVER give out your e-mail address or any other personal details to any third party.

 What will you do with my e-mail address?

The only e-mails you will ever receive from us are those sent by services (such as password reminders and reminders sent before your nickname is about to expire) and the IRC4Fun Newsletter. (which you can unsubscribe from at any time)

 Can I get a cloak or free vHost?

You can /JOIN #IRC4Fun and ask for a Cloak.

Cloaks/vHosts are not meant to hide your IP or hostname – it can be obtained even with a cloak.  Cloaks are designed to show your affiliation (or lack thereof) with groups, channels or organizations  If you are worried about hiding your IP or hostname, you should look into a bouncer, always-on web-client, vpn, vps, etc.

 Registering a new channel

First you’ll need to choose your channel name:
/join #NameOfChannel All channel names begin with #. If you’ve joined and you are channel operator (you have an @ symbol next to your nickname), you’re ready to go!
When you first join a channel, the server will set some default modes, you can find a detailed description of all channel and user modes here. For now though, you can just ignore them. To register a channel with ChanServ, type:
/CS REGISTER #YourChannelName Replace with the name of your channel.

ChanServ should tell you that your channel will be reviewed by the Services team, and if approved ChanServ will join and the channel will be under your control! ChanServ will also send you a Memo via MemoServ once your channel is reviewed, telling you whether your channel is approved or rejected.

NOTE: Channel Registration Review can take a long as 48 hours, though it is typically less than 24Please be patient until a Services Team member is able to review your Registration request.
For more information on ChanServ commands take a look at the FAQ, or you can type:
/CS HELP or /MSG ChanServ HELP to get a complete list of commands.

 BotServ (X, C, Bot, Jeeves, K, K9, LLa-La-LaQTheJudgeUnderWorldZo_o, }o{, [^_^])

BotServ allows channel founders’ the ability to replace ChanServ with a different “botserv bot” that uses a different nickname and host (or identity).  BotServ bots are essentially ChanServ in a disguise.  A channel Founder can assign a different (but only 1 at a time) BotServ bot as they please.

  1. Type: /msg BotServ botlist (To see a full list of BotServ bots available)
  2. Type: /msg BotServ assign #channel botnickname

 Dropping a channel

If you drop a channel you will not be able to recover any of the information associated with it (access lists, settings) and it will be available for anyone to register again.
You must identify to the nickname the channel is registered under, using the following command:
/NS IDENTIFY [nickname] YourPassword To drop the channel, type:
/CS DROP #MyChannel

You will need to confirm the dropping of your channel with a drop key that ChanServ will provide you in order to complete the process.

 Is there a shorter way to message IRC4Fun Services?

Yes! We’ve setup server aliases to securely send your message(s) to IRC4Fun Services using a smaller syntax than /MSG Bot COMMAND ETC. Please refer to the below chart for each Service alias.

  • ChanServ (Channel Service) /CS COMMAND
  • NickServ (Nickname Service) /NS COMMAND
  • Other IRC4Fun Services must be messaged via /msg Service.

 Channel Management

A Channel’s Management, Rules, Bans, Operators are all up to the Channel Founder and/or Channel Operators.  IRC4Fun Staff will not intervene in channel-related issues unless there is a violation of the IRC4Fun Acceptable Use Policy (also known as AUP)

Channel Management Commands

To KICK a user from a Channel in which you are a Operator; type: /kick #Channel Nickname Reason goes here, if any

To BAN a user from a Channel in which you are a Operator; type: /mode #Channel +b *!*BadUsers@host.or.ipthen, you will probably want to KICK them out using the above command.

If your channel is registered with ChanServ and you have sufficient access, you can perform both a KICK&BAN at the same time by typing: /CS KICKBAN #Channel Nickname Reason goes here, if any

Sometimes it may be necessary to add a ban to ChanServ‘s internal banlist due to the ban A) being removed by another Channel Operator  B) having gotten lost during a netsplit.  You can add users to ChanServ‘s AKICK (AutoKickban) list by:

  • To Add an AKICK that expires after a given time: /CS AKICK #Channel ADD !T 7d Reason goes here, if any
  • To Add an AKICK that does not expire: /CS AKICK #Channel ADD !P Reason goes here, if any
  • To Delete a Timed or Permanent AKICK: /CS AKICK #Channel DEL

To UNBAN a user from a Channel in which you are a Operator; type: /mode #Channel -b *!*BadUsers@host.or.ip

If your channel is registered with ChanServ and you have sufficient access, you can perform UNBAN by typing: /CS UNBAN #Channel NickOrHostIPmask

To give Channel Operator status to someone in your channel (first make sure you completely trust the user, as they may attempt a takeover or wreak havoc in your channel) you can type: /mode #Channel +o FriendsNick

You can also give Channel Operator statuses through ChanServ by typing: /CS OP #Channel FriendsNick

You can also SUSPEND a Channel Operator if they are not following the channel’s rules or violating their privileges, etc.  See below:

  • To SUSPEND a User with Flags (Access): /CS SUSPEND #Channel ADD User !T 7d Abusing privileges (Suspends the user for 7 days)
  • To SUSPEND a User with Flags (Access): /CS SUSPEND #Channel ADD User !P Abusing privileges (Suspends the user until the suspension is removed)
  • To UNSUSPEND a User with Flags (Access): /CS SUSPEND #Channel DEL User

If you want to add a user to ChanServ‘s access list or assign access flags; please see the ChanServ Access & Flags Guide.

 Learning more about IRC4Fun Services

You can visit our new Services Guide which will better familiarize you with IRC4Fun’s Services and how to use them. Be sure to check out the FAQ as well; as some of the most common Services related Questions are answered there.   You can also ask in #IRC4Fun.

 Additional Questions or Concerns?

Be sure to check our Frequently Asked Questions (also known as FAQ) for answers to most common questions or concerns.  You can also ask in #IRC4Fun.

If you are still in question or need of support; please open a Support Ticket and we’ll respond as quickly as possible!