IRC Clients Guide

The following are the lists of IRC Clients by Operating System. Please choose your Operating System and choose an IRC Client that best suits you.

 Windows Windows

Hexchat HexChat


WeeChat WeeChat


IceChat IceChat

X-Chat X-Chat

Mac Mac (OS X)

Textual Textual

Colloquy Colloquy

X-Chat X-Chat Azure

WeeChat WeeChat


LimeChat LimeChat

Colloquy Colloquy

Android Android

Andchat AndChat

yaaic Yaaic

linux Linux

Hexchat HexChat

WeeChat WeeChat

X-Chat X-Chat

SSL SSL-capable

AdiIRC AdiIRC  Windows

WeeChat WeeChat  Windowslinux Mac

Hexchat HexChat  Windowslinux

mIRC mIRC *   Windows

IceChat IceChat Windows

Textual Textual Mac

Colloquy Colloquy MaciOS

LimeChat LimeChat iOS

Andchat AndChat Android

X-Chat X-Chat  linux Mac


We also have Web Chat Clients via our website if you want to chat now with no additional installations or procedures.

[ Chat Now using Kiwi IRC! Kiwi IRCChat Now using Mibbit! Mibbit ]

There are additional IRC Clients (some still in existance and maintained, others a memory of the past) on Wikipedia.  See something that needs updating, or want to add your IRC Client to the list?  Open a Support Ticket.

These clients are not produced by IRC4Fun.  No warranty is provided on any software unless implied my the app/software developer, in which cases would need to be taken with related developer.