IRC4Fun Services Guidelines

By use of IRC4Fun Services: either on IRC or via our website; you agree to be bound by these guidelines.  Violation of IRC4Fun’s Services Guidelines will result in Corrective Action from the Services Committee or Team – up to, and including suspension or termination of Services.  You must be 13 years old – or older to use IRC4Fun Services: either on IRC or via our website. (If IRC4Fun Staff find that you are younger than 13 years old, your accounts may be removed and your connection to IRC4Fun terminated.)

 NickServ Guidelines

  • Users must be 13 years of age or older to register with any IRC4Fun service, including services provided by our website.
  • Users may register 1 nickname and GROUP up to 4 others to the nickname.
  • A valid email address is required for NickServ (Nickname Service) registration. (You will need to verify your email address during registration, and should you ever need your password reset)  Accounts with fake or invalid email addresses may be automatically dropped as email-bounces occur.
  • Nicknames must be identified to at least once every 1 years.
  • Nicknames that are un-used for 6 or more months can be requested by another user.
  • Nickname (NickServ) passwords must not be shared (intentionally) with other users. (If someone takes control of the nickname and locks you out; it will become “their” nickname. IRC4Fun Staff will not intervene in disputes where passwords have been given to other users.)
  • NEVER give out your Services (NickServ) Password! IRC4Fun Staff / IRC Operators will never ask you for your password(s)!
  • While we do not disqualify use of free email services, if we find that certain email domains are being used to abuse our guidelines we will not allow that domain to be used again.
  • IRC4Fun Staff reserve the right to suspend or drop any nickname registration for any reason that they deem valid.
  • You authorize IRC4Fun to send you e-mails periodically, related to IRC4Fun and/or it’s services. IRC4Fun will never sell your e-mail address or contact information.

 ChanServ Guidelines

  • Users may register 5 channels per USER. (Not per Nickname)
  • Channels must be joined at least once every 2 years to prevent them from expiring.
  • Channels that are un-used for 1 or more years can be requested by another user.
  • The following types of channels may not register with Channel Services (ChanServ): xDCC, Hate, Pornography, Racism, Hacking, File Sharing, BNC/ZNC (vHost), Shell, VPS, Hosting or channels filled predominantly with bots. If we find these activities are predominant in your channel after registration, we will permanently remove ChanServ from the channel.
  • URLs promoted by a channel either through the topic or set via ChanServ’s URL setting that are found to contain malware or viruses will result in a warning and require corrective action (removal of malware/virus content on URL or removal of URL in topic or ChanServ’s settings database) within 24 hours.  Failure to comply will result in the channel being suspended or closed.
  • Channels found to engage in illegal activities, violations of the IRC4Fun Services Guidelines or Acceptable Use Policy will be closed and occupying users will be forcibly removed from the network.
  • Hate/Racism/Illegal/Homophobic/Sexist channels found to exist on the network will be closed and occupying users will be forcibly removed from the network.
  • All Channel Registrations must be approved by IRC4Fun Staff, prior to being granted Registration.
  • The Services Team reserve the right to suspend or drop any Channel registration for any reason that they deem valid.

 HostServ Guidelines

  • Standard Cloaks/vHosts can be taken via HostServ by typing: /msg HostServ TAKE IRC4Fun/users/$account
  • Custom/Personalized Cloaks/vHosts, Group or Channel Cloaks/vHosts can be requested subject to these guidelines:
  • Requirements for Custom / Personalized Cloaks: A.) Cannot be or contain offensive or otherwise objectionable text, B.) Cannot be the same as another user’s Cloak, C.) Cannot contain a real domain.tld, unless you can prove ownership by placing a irc4fun.html file on the domain.tld saying “Nickname owns domain.tld”, D.) Cannot impersonate IRC4Fun Staff, Services, UtilityBots, groups, etc., E.) Requesting user must be the Founder of a channel with 10 or more users on average.  Custom Cloak is only available to the Founder.  Channel Users may request a channel cloak, if one has been requested by the Channel Founder.  F.) Custom/Personalized Cloaks will not be changed more often than once per three months.  Custom Cloaks:
  • Bot Cloaks require the Bot’s nickname be registered with IRC4Fun Services.  Once you have registered the bot’s nickname, you may open a Support Ticket requesting a Bot Cloak.  An IRC4Fun Staff member will then verify the owner is indeed the owner of the bot and if successful, will apply the Bot cloak.  See to request a Bot Cloak.
  • Group or Channel Cloaks: Groups and Channels should register your !Group or !Channel with GroupServ (/msg GroupServ HELP REGISTER) and then request a Group or Channel Cloak via: Channel Cloaks –, Group Cloaks –
  • If your NickServ account is dropped by yourself, or by force by IRC4Fun Staff; the Cloak associated with your account will also be dropped.  This cannot be un-done after either a user-invoked DROP, or a forceful DROP by IRC4Fun Staff.
  • Cloaks will not be changed more often than once per three months.  Users found to be dropping cloaks and then re-taking them to evade bans will be restricted from taking or requesting a Cloak.
  • Use of a cloak to evade bans, or dropping of a cloak to evade bans will result in Corrective Action by IRC4Fun Staff when reported and verified.

 BotServ Guidelines

  • Channels can request a Public (or Standard) BotServ bot to replace ChanServ in their channels as long as they have 3 or more users.  To get a list of Bots available to be assigned to your channel in place of ChanServ, type: /msg BotServ BOTLIST  To assign one of the bots to your channel, type: /msg BotServ ASSIGN #MyChannel BotNick
  • Channels that average 5 or more (real) users can request a Custom BotServ bot be made for their channel.  (Nick!user@host – Realname)  The Bot’s customization must also not violate Custom/Personalized Cloak guidelines and cannot impersonate IRC4Fun Staff, Services, Utility Bots, other user’s cloaks, and cannot imply endorsement on the part of IRC4Fun towards the channel.  (example – fhe following Bot Customizations would be rejected: ChatLand!IRC4Fun@says.join.ChatLand * Join #ChatLand – it rocks!, X3!official@IRC4Fun.Service * Official Service, siniStar`!staff@IRC4Fun/staff * siniStar, JoinChatLand! * IRC4Fun recommends #ChatLand)
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