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How do I set a offered vHost or request a personalized one?


This can be accomplished in the Services Web Interface where you can view and take the offered vHosts/Cloaks!

You can also take the standard offered vHost/Cloak (IRC4Fun/users/Nickname) on IRC by typing: /msg HostServ take IRC4Fun/users/$account


Cloaks / vHosts by Type:

Standard Cloak = IRC4Fun/users/Nickname (Type: /msg HostServ TAKE IRC4Fun/users/$account ) or [Request]

Any of the below Cloaks/vHosts require Staff assistance in #IRC4Fun or a Support Ticket:

Group Cloak = IRC4Fun/groups/GroupName/Nickname [Request]

Channel Cloak = IRC4Fun/groups/GroupName/Nickname [Request]

Bot Cloak = IRC4Fun/bots/BotOwner/BotNick [Request]

Custom* Cloak = (within Guidelines) [Request]


If you would like to request a Custom / Personalized vHost or cloakplease note that you must be a Founder of a Channel with 10 or more users on average.  If you meet this criteria, please ask in #IRC4Fun and open a Support Ticket at:

* Guidelines: 

  1. Custom / Personalized Cloaks/vHosts must not contain a real domain name unless ownership of said domain can be proven by adding a irc4fun.html file to the domain.tld root saying "Nickname owns domain.tld".  If you cannot prove this, do not use a real domain name in your Cloak/vHost request.  
  2. Custom / Personalized Cloaks may not contain offensive or otherwise objectionable content,
  3. Cannot impersonate IRC4Fun Staff/Services/Utility Bots/etc.,
  4. Cannot be the same as another user's cloak or vHost.

* Group or Channels: If you wish to (as a Channel Founder or Group Founder) offer a Group vHost/Cloak in the form of IRC4Fun/groups/GroupName/Nickname, please register a Group with GroupServ and then ask in #IRC4Fun for the Group vHost/Cloak.  


Only the Channel or Group owner should register a Group and request the Group vHost/cloak in #IRC4Fun and Open a Support Ticket requesting a Group or Channel Cloak/vHost.

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