IRC4Fun is an Internet Relay Chat network, founded in October of 2007. Our goal is to provide a quality, free, & fun chat service giving people all over the world a means for conversing with each other on friendly, secure and drama-free servers.   Chat Now »  Learn more


To connect to IRC4Fun; direct your client to on port 6667 for plaintext or 6697 for SSL .

Kiwi IRC WebChat KiwiIRC Web Chat client & Chat Now using Mibbit! Mibbit Web Chat are available for those who do not have a client installed or do not wish to install one.

 We recommend that all users use SSL when connecting to IRC4Fun to add an additional layer of security for their sessions. Most modern IRC clients support SSL, including several that we recommend: AdiIRCmIRC, HexChat, WeeChatTextual and Colloquy.  There is also a document detailing IRC Clients by Operating System and SSL capabilities.

We also offer and recommend SASL Authentication for clients that support it, using SaslServ and the PLAIN or EXTERNAL mechanism.  (This is secure [especially] on SSL connections.)

 New to IRC / IRC4Fun?

We have a New Users guide that will help you learn more about IRC, IRC4Fun and it’s Services. Our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) is also extremely helpful for new or experienced users!

You can also create a Support ticket that Staff will usually respond to, within 24 hours or less.



Servers & Staff

Server Location Administrator(s) Operator(s) SSL IPv6 Canada Montreal, Canada (CA) siniStar gd, Medusa, Turner Yes  No Canada Quebec, Canada (CA) siniStar gd, Medusa, Turner Yes  Yes Canada Quebec, Canada (CA) siniStar gd, Medusa, Turner Yes  Yes United States Rutherford, New Jersey (US) tabb  gd, Medusa, Turner Yes  No   EU Netherlands (EU) tabb  gd, Medusa, Turner Yes  No   Singapore Singapore tabb  gd, Medusa, Turner Yes  Yes   Matawan, New Jersey, US Karion  gd, Medusa, Turner Yes  Yes  London, UK giggsey  gd, Medusa, Turner Yes  Yes
  *The following or below list of servers are not for client connections, they merely provide Services to IRC4Fun.  
 IRC4Fun.Services Not Disclosed gd, giggsey, Karion, Medusa, siniStartabb, Turner Canada Quebec, Canada (CA) gd, siniStar, tabb Yes Yes

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